Hidden costs – what are they?

Quite simply, the term ‘hidden costs’ can be defined as unforeseen expenses added on to purchases.  Unfortunately, in the world of timber slatted ceilings and acoustic perforated plasterboard, ‘hidden costs’ and ‘additional extras’ are terms we hear brandished about more and more frequently by some of our competitors’ dissatisfied clients. 

Take for example Client X, to whom we supplied a quotation for a timber product.  Competitor Z also issued a quotation.  After some discussion, Client X decided to proceed with Competitor Z’s quotation which was slightly cheaper than ours.  As the project progressed, we received a call from Client X, lamenting the fact that Competitor Z’s price had increased significantly due to extras being added, resulting in a m2 price that was now higher than our original quote.  Client X was now stuck with extra, unforeseen expenses.

So, how does Decor Systems differ?

As a company, our mission is clear: To be the trusted, go-to supplier for timber slatted panels and fully perforated plasterboard.

In becoming your trusted supplier, we believe that clear, up-front pricing is a key principle in achieving this relationship.

If we have had the privilege of working with you before, you will be aware that our m2 pricing for both timber and plasterboard products INCLUDES all necessary fixings/jointings; NO additional items will be required.  We repeat – our m2 pricing for both timber and plasterboard products INCLUDES all necessary fixings/jointings.  That means there are no ‘hidden costs’ or unforeseen ‘extras’ added to your bill at the end of the project; you get what we quoted. 

Full stop.


If you have a project with timber slat or perforated plasterboard, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us on letstalk@dsg-uk.com or call 01823 330334 to discuss your requirements.