There are various ways of creating plain borders and perimeters for perforated plasterboard ceilings. They typically require intensive pre-planning and tedious time consuming work on site. Now there is an efficient, clean and safe solution: The Vogl Friestape Kit.

The Vogl Friestape system tapes over holes quickly and easily, and can then be painted over to produce a superior finish. This unique method provides a much faster and easier way to produce non-perforated areas and removes the need for solid plasterboard margins or filling and sanding.



What are the benefits of this system?

  • Fast and easy to produce borders & perimeters
  • Holes can be re-opened if required
  • Minimal dirt and dust created
  • Tape is acoustically transparent, meaning non-perforated areas still give acoustic performance
  • Quick, safe and clean workmanship
  • Results in an easier board installation as boards can be fitted wall-to-wall
  • Tapes can be used edge to edge to create wider non perforated area


The fastest, easiest and neatest way to create borders and perimeters on your perforated plasterboard project!



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